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hlsdump it's a library for nodejs to dump http live stream dchem 7 years ago 66 KB
jquery.smartbanner Smart Banner support for iOS 4/5 and Android dchem 7 years ago 89 KB
junk (1)
meta-magician-server dchem 7 years ago 62 KB
mirrors (2)
hlsdump it's a library for nodejs to dump http live stream 9 years ago 47 KB
libjson dchem 8 years ago 1.3 MB
yodoya (11)
protobuf-activetick protobuf schema for ActiveTick data dchem 5 years ago 319 KB
protobuf-fastbit protobuf schema for FastBit data dchem 5 years ago 20 KB
protobuf-ib protobuf schema for Interactive Broker data dchem 5 years ago 786 KB
protobuf-yodoya Protobuf schema for yodoya archetypes dchem 5 years ago 128 KB
yodoya-activetick-adapter ActiveTick adapter for Yodoya - C&C and CEP dchem 5 years ago 249 KB
yodoya-activetick Activetick bound to Yodoya Adapter dchem 5 years ago 43 KB
yodoya-fastbit-adapter Adapter for FastBit - C&C & CEP dchem 7 years ago 6 KB
yodoya-ib-adapter Adapter for Interactive Brokers - C&C & CEP dchem 5 years ago 662 KB
yodoya-message-adapter Yodoya internal mesage adapter dchem 5 years ago 54 KB
yodoya-tracker Tracks account, portfolio, quotes, and trades dchem 5 years ago 6 KB
yodoya Automated trading framework dchem 5 years ago 207 KB
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actors-by-states Fun Node.js project to scrape Wikipedia to get birthplace of each US born actors dchem 8 years ago 17 KB
cogserv-entity-linking Node.js API client for Microsoft Cognitive Services - Entity Linking dchem 6 years ago 9 KB
copy-flat-media Shell script to cp all the media into some dest dchem 7 years ago 29 KB
cytoscape.js-labeledit Cytoscape plugin to change node labels on the fly! dchem 7 years ago 19 KB
d3-candlestick d3-candlestick dchem 8 years ago 20 KB
demand-cycle-analysis Document describing Demand Cycle Analysis dchem 5 years ago 19 KB
dot-product-ndarray Returns dot product of two 2D ndarrays dchem 6 years ago 77 KB
fastbit-email-archive Scaper for fastbit emails dchem 7 years ago 12 KB
gdax-streamer GDAX streamer dchem 5 years ago 8 KB
homebrew-ffmpeg280 ffmpeg 2.8.0 homebrew tap dchem 7 years ago 18 KB
homebrew-grails2311 Brew formula for Grails 2.3.11 dchem 6 years ago 6 KB
http-resp-packer Packs into buffer http response. dchem 6 years ago 249 KB
hubot-donger Much needed donger for your hubot dchem 6 years ago 5 KB
index-align-ndarray Given multiple ndarrays with a date column in ascending order, return a date aligned matrix of data dchem 7 years ago 46 KB
ip-cam-sim RTSP IP cam simulation dchem 7 years ago 69 KB
jobvite-tools Autoreject candidates on Jobvite dchem 5 years ago 5 KB
linode-stackscript-fedora-25 Fedora 25 stackscript for Linode deployment dchem 5 years ago 6 KB
loopback-connector-firehose Loopback connector for AWS Kinesis Firehose dchem 6 years ago 33 KB
meta-magician-server dchem 7 years ago 21 KB
meteor-backbone Backbone for Meteor.js dchem 6 years ago 984 b
meteorjoint Joint JS package for Meteor.js dchem 6 years ago 8 KB
ninjatrader-ndarray Reads NinjaTrader exported csv and returns ndarray dchem 7 years ago 36 KB
node-activetick-addon ActiveTick API addon for Node.js dchem 5 years ago 621 KB
node-fastbit-addon Nodejs binding for FastBit dchem 5 years ago 353 KB
node-ibapi-addon Interactive Brokers API addon for Node.js dchem 3 years ago 1.5 MB
node-voat voat API wrapper for node.js dchem 7 years ago 41 KB
nomad-cluster-example Nomad cluster example using terraform on AWS dchem 5 years ago 43 KB
npm-rtsp-rtmp-server NPM distribution of node-rtsp-rtmp-server dchem 7 years ago 19 KB
ra-data-loopback4 dchem 3 years ago 221 KB
tracker-script-demo Tracker script demo using analytics.js from dchem 6 years ago 1 KB
watsonator IBM watson challenge - Movie suggester dchem 7 years ago 194 KB
zappos-product-crawler Crawls to get product info with breadcrumb attributes dchem 6 years ago 19 KB